Stade du Hameau | France

  • CustomerNatural Grass
  • CategoryHeating & cooling systems
  • DateJune 2020
  • StatusCompleted
  • LocationPau, France

Project Description

Sport field contractor Natural Grass from Paris is one of the most successful specialists in the market. Their designs and installations are based on science and excellent workmanship. Sport Pitch Systems has been awarded the contract to supply and install the complete field pipe matrix for the undersoil heating & cooling system. The stadium, that hoists one of France premiership rugby teams, is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment including the new build of the South stand. Once the construction works are completed the technical heating and cooling system will be installed and connected to the field pipe matrix.

Scope of works

1. Prefabrication of 160 meters of HDPE 160mm divider manifolds through in-house poly-fusion technology;

2. Installation of 100 meters of main feed and return pipes;

3. Installation of 34.000 meters of lateral HDPE 25mm heating pipes, laid out on the gravel sub base and fixed in click rails;

4. All connections butt-fused or electro-fused, strictly no quick couplers used to ensure accurate tightness and lifespan of the system;

5. Installation of 400 meters of cable duct pipes for future control cables and temperature sensors in the pitch profile.