Friends Arena | Sweden

  • CustomerRecreational Systems International BV / Rhenac Greentec AG
  • CategoryResearch & Development
  • DateDecember 2020
  • StatusOperational
  • LocationStockholm | Sweden

Project Description

Commissioned by Recreational Systems International and Rhenac Greentec AG we have installed experimental field trials at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is widely known that the Friends Arena is amongst the most challenging stadiums in the world for grass growth and field maintenance. Every year the stadiums field is re-turfed 6 to 8 times which put pressure on the stadium ground staff, the stadium management and most important the players.

The objective of the experimental trials is to determine if the Rhenac Greentec LED system is able to generate sufficient grass growth conditions in almost complete covered conditions.

Scope of works

1. Prepare experimental trial area in co-operation with Friends Arena ground staff;

2. Provide and install lay & play carpet hybrid turf;

3. Supply and install HYBRIGRASS carpet hybrid turf for seeded trial plots;

4. Install and commission the Rhenac R-ML-30 LED unit on the experimental trials plot.