FC Nordsjaelland Stadium | Denmark

  • CustomerFC Nordsjaelland
  • CategoryHeating systems
  • DateDecember 2019
  • StatusOperational
  • LocationFarum | Denmark

Project Description

FC Nordsjaelland is the first in Denmark to convert their stadium pitch into a synthetic turf. The club is renowned for its excellent youth development academy that requires a high amount of training sessions and fixtures in the stadium. The total usage of the stadium pitch exceeds 2.000 hours per season and hence natural grass or hybrid grass is not an option. In 2019 the pitch surface was renovated and SPS introduced an innovative heating system. The most energy efficient way of heating in the city of Farum is to make use of the return water from the district heating system. Since this is a water based heating system we had to combine water heating pipes embedded in a special designed shock-pad. The pitch heating is divided in 3 sections whereby the heat demand can be altered per section to ensure shaded areas can be defrosted after a night frost.

Scope of works

1. Prefabrication of 160 meters of HDPE 160mm divider manifolds through in-house poly-fusion technology;

2. Installation of 300 meters of main feed and return pipes;

3. Installation of 60.000 meters of lateral HDPE 20mm heating pipes, embedded in the a tailor made shock-pad;

4. All connections butt-fused or electro-fused, strictly no quick couplers used to ensure accurate tightness and lifespan of the system;

5. Installation of 400 meters of cable duct pipes for future control cables and temperature sensors in the pitch profile.

6. Engineering and installation of the complete plant room heating system including heat exchanger, circulation pumps, flow valve arrangements etcetera.

7. Connection of the system to SPS "Efficient Heating Strategy" software controls, ensuring the most efficient energy consumption for the client.