• CustomerPEC Zwolle FC
  • CategoryUndersoil Heating System
  • DateJuly 2020
  • StatusCompleted
  • LocationZwolle, the Netherlands

Project Description

In the summer break window of 2020, PEC Zwolle decided to convert their synthetic turf playing surface to natural grass. The Dutch Football Association requires clubs that play at the highest professional level to be able to keep their fields free of frost and snow in wintertime. It was therefore decided that installation of an undersoil heating system would need to be included in the project. SPS was awarded the contract to supply and install the pitch pipes matrix because of its expertise and very tight construction deadlines.

Scope of works

  • Pre-fabrication of 210m of HDPE160/200mm divider manifolds through in-house poly-fusion technology
  • Installation of 450m of main feed and return pipes
  • Installation of 32.000m of lateral HDPE 25mm heating pipes that were pulled into the soil profile with our GPS guided mole plough technology
  • All connections welded by butt-fusing and electro-fusing techniques
  • Installation of 350m of cable duct pipes for heat sensor control cables
  • Outside of the installation SPS will provide knowhow to the stadium technical installation contractor to adopt our “intelligent heating strategy"